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Introducing the Chords, Scales and Examples Search Engine

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Allows you to access both the Scales and the Examples exclusively. There is no fee but we do ask that you register with the website so that we can keep in touch.

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We ask for a small fee of £4.99 per annum to help cover the cost of maintaining the website and updating its content. You will also have access to all the extended chords on both guitar and piano.

If you have purchased one of our books as specified opposite then you will get Full Membership for free for the year.

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If you’ve bought one of these books from our practical music range – Guitar Chords, and
Piano and Keyboard Chords, How to Play Music, Beginners Guide to Reading Music,
How to Play Piano, How to Play the Guitar, Scales and Modes, Advanced Guitar Chords

– enter in the the last 6 digits of the ISBN number
on the back cover into the promotional box,
date and where you bought the book and you will
gain a year’s free subscription.